What is ‘Cisco’?

Cisco Systems Inc. is one of the largest network equipment manufacturers in the world headquartered in San Jose, California, USA.
Cisco offers a range of IT certification, training, and testing programs to meet the needs of IT professionals as well as for students who are motivated in building their career path in IT and specializing in network engineering.

Why we recommend Great Lake as the best Cisco trainer for you?

Incomparable Quality
Great Lake is highly innovative and stands as the No 1 Cisco Training Centre in Sri Lanka. At present there is no other training center in Sri Lanka which can match the quality of the training that Great Lake provides. Great Lake Holdings Sri Lanka is The Only Online Cisco Training Centre in Sri Lanka and catering most South Asian countries in the region and Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Commitment to be specialized
It is with much pleasure we mention that Great Lake is highly specialized in providing Cisco Trainings according to the world recognized standard of Network Engineering as we have given our 100% focus only to conduct Cisco Trainings. We are keen on observing the changes and new inventions in the industry in order to provide a training based on the latest technology.

While you are trained under a highly qualified and competent panel of internal and external lecturers you will be further guided by them on any training related issues and doubts. Also we provide you an industrial oriented training in order to make you an effective skilled professional in the field of Network Engineering.

Flexibility of our service
We are open for you all 07 days of the week. Classes are conducted for two groups each day during the morning and the afternoon enabling students to choose a convenient time.
Having the largest lab facility in Sri Lanka, you are freely able to attend your practical lessons without any disturbance. We also have the capacity to conduct Cisco Training on site or online as per your requirement.

Easy Access
We are located in a very convenient location to make it enable for our valued customers to have easy access.